Rick and Monique

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Candy Sticks

Candy Sticks      a poem by richard elgersma

God loved on the day a strong, 
social, welcoming and responsive
helpmate filled a cracked man 
on the fault line.

The man quaked and she mended.
He gave hope to him
when He gave him the strength
to see you.

Four words and the experience
of an honest, honorable 
and tough woman covered him
and laid an entire foundation 

Beneath a man 
who might one day
serve with her to become
the same for the fractured.

Four words,
"I believe in you"
she said.
I believe in you.

Now, she is sweet,
and he yearns for her
as if a wondering child,
dips his hand into the jar 

To grasp eagerly
and taste the cacophonous 
striped rainbow candy stick
as if his soul depends upon it.


Joh said...

just: WoW!

mom said...

Wonderful as always. That is sooo... true in how and why the Creator made the woman. Thanks, son.!!!!