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Friday, November 19, 2010

Who is opposite of Lucifer and the Angels?

I'm writing to those who understand that the Christian bible, the words of God, is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness.  I'm writing to those who believe that Salvation comes by the will of God the Father, through the blood of God the son Jesus Christ, revealed and sealed by the power of God the Holy Spirit, and that the three are one.

The challenge says, "I'll give you a word and you give me the opposite of the word given."  The one will say "night" and the other will say, "day" and so on.  So what does one say if the word was, "God"?  Would you automatically say "Lucifer" or "Satan"?  

You would be wrong.

The opposite of "Lucifer" might be, "Michael" but is most definitely not "God."  God has no opposites.  Angels were most definitely created.  Angels awe God, fear God, and worship God, do not know when the day of the Lord will be and do not understand the salvation of man.  Lucifer is extremely power and intensely beautiful, but can by no means oppose God with any type of finality, and thus could never be His opposite.  

Therefore, we verbalize Lucifer oddly and wrongly.  I've written about angels before.  Angels are not cute winged babies pinging arrows off of would-be lovers and they're not a frenetic, lanky gathering of sweet choir members. 

But they are created beings.  The angels were created by God.  Psalm 104 gives us a small picture about the order of the creative act.  The next act after the creation of the cosmos is the creation of the Angels after which God laid the foundations of the earth, meaning the entirety of the Angel population was created in and around what Genesis said was the second day. 

It's also true that Satan is not red, not ugly and does not have grossly enhanced horns.  Lucifer is the son of the morning, an angel of light. The meaning of Eden means "delight" and God calls the created Lucifer "eden" in Ezekiel 28.  Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost writes:
Musical instruments were originally designed to be means of praising and worshiping God. It was not necessary for Lucifer to learn to play a musical instrument in order to praise God. If you please, he had a built-in pipe organ, or, he was an organ! That’s what the prophet meant when he said, “The workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes....” Lucifer, because of his beauty, did what a musical instrument would do in the hands of a skilled musician – bring forth a psalm of praise to the glory of God. Lucifer didn't have to look for someone to play the organ so that he could sing the doxology – he was a doxology. (Your Adversary the Devil, p. 16, about Ezekiel 28)
This was, I believe, the indelible impression of the serpent Lucifer by Adam and Eve when confronted by Lucifer.  The serpent was, for some reason, awe inspiring (Adam and Eve seemed to be mesmerized by the serpent), and undeniable.   F. C. Jennings writes:
The word for “serpent” in Hebrew is nachash, which may come from the root, to hiss; or, as Dr. Taylor Lewis writes, “is far more likely to have had its sense from the secondary meaning of that root – to shine, whence brass, the shining metal.” This gives, as the first thought in the word for serpent, “splendor,” “glistening,” “bright,” “shining,” either from its glossy appearance, or, more likely, from the bright glistening of the eye. The first impressions of mankind in regards to the serpent were of the splendid and terrible kind – beauty and awe. (Satan, His Person, Work, Place, and Destiny, p. 15)
Lucifer's perfectly created duty was to watch over the earth, to tend to it (Job 38:4-7), and so to be thrown to the earth to be viewed by all the rulers of the world was a great punishment.  Lucifer had a great and mighty duty, and the loss of the duty was a loss to the nations of the earth, a great tragedy (Isaiah 14:12).  It's clear that Lucifer's sense of overreach and sense of duty were still at conflict when he came to Jesus in the desert to tempt him.  He teased God with the duty that God Himself had originally given to him.  God was approachable to Lucifer as he did when Job was tormented.  Therefore, it was little surprise that he would approach God in the desert.  Jesus knew He was God, and there's no difficulty understanding that Lucifer understood this as well.  Many other fallen angels during Christ's ministry were unquestioning as to Jesus's identity (Mark 3:11).  Jesus knew Himself being in the very nature, God.  He did not consider it even a question that He was God, therefore because He acts according to His perfection, part of God's nature is humility and is justice, as evidenced by Christ's fulfillment to His Covenant with His people by His death and resurrection.  Lucifer has no real need to understand God in this way because mankind is not qualified by the existence of an Angel.  Lucifer is no less in a battle with God, but not in the matter of taking sides as it were--Satan still truly believes he has more power than he does, and he has truly distorted the charge over the earth that God gave him (Ezekiel 28).  

The bible makes no claim to the equal position of the Angels with God.  In fact, God says through His scriptures that they have no idea about the time of the day of the Lord (Matthew 24:36-37), that the Angels fear God (James 2:19), that the Angels are servants of the Lord, and lastly that the Angels do not understand the idea of the salvation of God (I Peter 1:12).  They have little idea about the conception of the plan of God.  Therefore, Satan couldn't understand why Christ died but instead, I believe he knew that God had not gone away, but was very much...God.  Furthermore, because Angels, including Lucifer, cannot understand Salvation, I also believe that Satan is not trying to "wreck" the salvation of man.  While they are in charge of the Judgement (read Revelation), they are most certainly not in charge of judging.  Lucifer does want to devour man, devour creation (I Peter 5:8).  Lucifer does want to convince man to separate himself from God in the same manner that he himself did (Genesis 3:1-10) because he believed and believes that the human creation could (and can) separate himself from God.  And if he could convince man to do so by his own power, that he would be poised to usurp the power to rule for himself, and in such Lucifer's dominion would be complete--or so he thought.  Angels were created with many different purposes than man; in part they were created to tend to all of creation, specifically man himself.  God created Angels with powers and abilities man could not conceive of, and at the very least, Satan understood his basic powers were no match for man.  Satan illegitimately believes he can act independently of God (Job 1:6), can thwart God, and continues to this day to aspire to more power than he could possibly grasp.  In regard to man, Lucifer proves jealous, having seen God walk with Adam -- I believe it's more possible that Lucifer and the fallen angels simply seek to devour because they're furious with God and jealous of him, not because they intend to remove the rite of salvation from man, as if it was creation's choice to do so in the first place.  It's not possible that Satan wants man to go "to be with him" (in hell) because Satan only understands that he was given dominion over the earth, and doesn't grasp anything beyond that particular reality.  I'm not sure that Lucifer comprehends that man can be saved or lost; instead I believe that he suffers from the age old delusion that he can assume God's position.

Angels, nor man himself, can expound on God's glory; any man who has come close falls over dead and any angel who tried was thrown out of heaven.  By getting thrown out of Heaven, Satan did not suddenly achieve the status of cosmic and equal opponent of God.  Do not get in the habit of worshipping angels, nor wishing upon their work (Col. 2:18).

Angels do not age and do not spend time trying to earn their wings.  Humans do die and do not become Angels.  God's Angels exist eternally as they were created, and humankind exist in the same manner.  

Angels start with all of Creation:  Col. 1:16 says for by Him all things were created in heaven and on earth, visible or invisible, thrones, dominions, principalities or powers--all things were created by Him.  

I might be wrong about these things, and I most certainly did not exhaust the study of angels within this blog entry.  But I wanted to open this study to you, in hopes that you might be strengthened and emboldened.  I believe that Christians fall vulnerable to the wiles of evil in part because of our false perception that God has an opposite, and that somehow God, by being amongst us, potentially falls prey to whom we perceive is his opposite.  By no means was this ever true.  


Anonymous said...

Although it was very well written, it's too deep for me Rick. However, I was just having a similar conversation about this a few hours ago with my cousin. On a side note, I went back and read through my journal of the last few years and one of the notes I had written down was that God gets a vote, Satan gets a vote and you break the tie. I like the way it sounds but it probably gives us to much credit for "free will".

Joe Godfrey

Kjell Nilsson said...

Is there music coming from the Satan? So called devilish music. Somebody said: "All music is from God". But after the fall of Lucifer does he inspires to devilish music?
Thank you for answer.
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