Rick and Monique

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Light and Worship

"Did you think that being a Christian means you need to live a bland and boring life?  Never!  Christ calls us to be spicy!"  That's the quote on my church's website.  I love the church.  I believe that we are one body, many locations; my church makes no qualms about saying exactly that.

My friend's waiting for a flight at the Denver airport.  He texted me saying, "I guess I get to do worship on my own.  I have several sermons on my phone."  He went on to say, "There are a lot of people in my church that would not consider that worship."

There's so much worship out there.  Pastor Mike asked us when was the last time we simply stopped confounded by some amazing creation moment.  I drove into my driveway a few days ago and a doe skirted in front of my car and ran past.  I drove into the garage, walked out of my garage, and there she was, a few feet off my driveway, watching me.  I stood and watched her--truthfully, I talked to her.  It was silent, it was night, I stopped confounded; I worshipped.  That a God constructed a confounding creational moment coerces me to fall, trembling, and raise my joyful hands simultaneously.  Paradoxical maybe, but God is.

There's infinite worship out there.  Not much light streams into places that can't accept a man who would worship by a headphone sermon. Not much light streams into their tiny, austere little religious holes.


Stephanie Faris said...

Religion is such a personal thing. Absolutely I believe you can do bible study alone (on your cell phone or otherwise) and it be just as, if not more, valuable than sitting in a church environment. In fact, I'd guess a good number of people sitting in church every Sunday are getting less from it than your friend on his cell.

Anonymous said...

The simple is always the best. We are all but broken humble people who given some grace and the armour of God can worship in so many ways. Amazed at how when interacting with people of faith there is that common feeling of awe for how great is our God.