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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Today it Rains, Tomorrow it doesn't, Lord willing

In all things be thankful. I'm good with that.

It was a most interesting election season and I paid attention. I don't think I'm fully excited by the result but I can't be solemnly disappointed either. The process worked as it was supposed to and I played my part, as I'll continue doing. My voice works as long as it's allowed.

I guess I just wasn't one of those who waited with bated breath and those whose eyes dried out in front of my television. I voted and was pleased by the opportunity.

I have a few thoughts concerning the election season and concerning Barak Obama.

Voters pay less attention than I want to give them credit for. So easy it was for the American people to potentially move this country into a system much different than I believe was originally intended. Added to that, news professionals today report about Barak's tax plan... that my taxes will actually increase by quite a jump, not decrease, as he claims. Time will tell.

Another comment. Just as I wouldn't hire a college professor right out of grade school, I could not hire someone with as little executive experience as Obama. You wouldn't hire an 9 year old to teach your adult children would you? You might say you would simply for the argument, but you wouldn't. In relation to this, I learned a few days ago that, although he talks about crossing the political lines, he's never actually headed up a bi-partisan effort and votes along party lines 100% of the time...the "great unifier" actually hasn't done much of the sort politically--when he's there that is. He's missed a ton of votes in his short political career. Maybe all stats are skewed, I'm not sure.

And his social plans, though they resonate with my social responsibilities in some ways, I believe that Government actually waters down social efforts at the grass roots level. Over-arching social plans cost way more than their effectiveness justifies. Even such ideas as minimum wage only provides a token... mere tokens to a public deceived by a propagandized perception of generosity. I'm okay with some controls and I'm alright with regulation. But, the government threatens to be "fair" by taking my money and moving it around. Since the government has ideas about spreading the wealth, the policy actually removes some of my ability to be generous. Government's added attempt toward generosity actually causes American apathy and doesn't improve empathy. These are thoughts only of course. I'm not the economist in the family. Besides I have the freedom to engage in effective social efforts right now, using methods in the free non-profit market in a country filled with people whom are already the most generous people in the world...and all that without the President's decree.

Lastly, I've heard a thousand times today..."He's the first black man to become President"... this is true, a hard fact. In its own right, America entered an exciting new historical chapter/dispensation. But is race really our first consideration? Really?

African American Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas speaks against affirmative action, calling it "positive discrimination", and that AA succeeds more readily at dividing races one above another (read "My Grandfather's Son" by Clarence Thomas). Most believe Thomas actually benefitted professionally from Affirmative Action. But what can be said is that he knows its negative side from the inside. For similar reasons, it's possible that voting from a purely racial decision is a mistake. Now before ya'll freak out, I'm sure voters didn't base their decisions solely on the racial divide. I'd be naive to suggest the possibility. I didn't vote on race at all. But polls today suggest race was a major factor.

I'm personally going to watch and see. I can assume and presuppose, but he might do very well. I don't panic. But, while I'll respect him as my President, I'll have to learn to trust him. I can tell you that I won't regard Mr. Obama with the reckless hate and careless vitriol that has been shown President Bush. I hope to be better. Congratulations to our new President Elect. Obama may be a positive force in some ways and on some topics. I'll be thankful for them. It was a day. Today it rains, tomorrow it doesn't, Lord willing (James 4:13-15).

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