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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blog's Purpose--Think Think Think

Y'know, I've struggled. Most bloggers write purposefully. Some write about their families, others write about deals they've found, others write about technology and others write to make people laugh. I've struggled to know my purpose. Sometimes I write stories about my day, sometimes about politics, religion. Sometimes I write comically and sometimes I write seriously. Readers are important to me. Everyone wants people to enjoy what they've produced in whatever manner they've produced it. I'm no different.

Some people get 16 responses and some get none. It's easier to respond to a simple story and I think that's great. Maybe ya'll want to know more about my day to day!? You're lives are profoundly interesting to me, maybe I should give you more of mine? Maybe my blog will evolve that way.

Writing's important to me. I try to give words as much meaning and respect as they're due. I've got an eclectic blog of every kind of subject and sometimes they'll bog you down and sometimes they won't. But I think I intend to make you think about stuff. I could do that more light heartedly and fluidly. I could do that using stories that might be more fun to read. Sometimes I do that. Sometimes I write poems that I struggle to understand when I reread them later. What I do know is that I felt something passionately and sometimes indescribably when I wrote it.

My friend Steph writes about motorcycles and she writes passionately. My blog isn't as focused, but I hope you know my passion. I believe that none of us lives indifferently. We all feel something. I believe we don't live as individuals, but as a community. Your passion does something to my life. Some people are wary of fanatics. I'm more wary of non-fanatics.

SO I don't really have a focused purpose, but I hope you know my passion and I hope I can inspire you to think, even when it's difficult.

Therefore my purpose right now...get people to ask and answer good questions...too few of us brave questions. So I'll ask a few questions about things that I don't even really know the answer to. Crimeny, sometimes I don't even know where the questions come from! But I'll questions that interest me in one form or another. I'm sure sometimes you'll be profoundly bored by my thoughts. None-the-less I'm interested in how you think and what you want me to know about your thoughts.

Do you think that a physical death was always God's intent or not? We're mandated to be fruitful and multiply...what does this mean? IF we were intended to "live" forever before the fall, how would we be dealing with the many millions or billions of people that would not be dead right now? Our cities would be greater by millions, we'd populate every inch of this world, and our resources would be prolificly used don't you think? Is it possible to "tap out" our resources? If Adam and Eve had not sinned, do you think that God might've put an end to the "be fruitful and multiply" eventually?

Hmmm. Think.


Joh said...

Question 1 - Is this really 1 question?

While we cannot guess about God's purpose for mankind it seems "factual" that even stars have birth, life and death, as matter (and even anti-matter) goes...
Does our sin (and redemption) involve the entire universe, all of creation?
Did an omniscient God know the fall of man would occur, so your question is essentially mute?
Your questions begets questions, not answers; yet God IS.

fasthair said...

HI Rick,

I want you to know I do read your blog every time you post an update. I have you in my feeds. I'm sorry that I don't respond like I should. Since I am a man of God and I am a believer of his worth I do look forward to your post. However I am not a man of his written words... aka I don't read the bible like maybe I should. As such I really can't forum an answer to your question today.

We all like to know that people take the time to read what we’ve taken the time to write. It’s nice to know that it wasn’t a waste of time and that maybe someone enjoyed what we took the time to write. I don’t get a lot of responses to my posts and I’m ok with that. The ones I do get are heart felt from the respondent and as such I take the time to respond to them too. That, I think, is what it takes to let people know that there comments were nice to have. Now allow me to give you some advice if I may. You need to be more active to your blog’s responses. A simple thank you or just anything makes it known you read their response. It’s a two way street. If you want responses you have to respond to them too. Plus you have to respond to other people’s blogs too, I don’t know if you do, I’m just saying. To have an active blog you must be active with it.

You know I responded to your post of “Panic Mode” and I waited for a response like “next time I see you I will say hello.” Believe it or not I have been looking forward to you to say hi to me someday. I’m still riding everyday and I got to believe we cross paths almost everyday, after all this town isn’t that big. I’m just that sure it was me you seen on the bike that night in the rain since I seem to be the only one that does that in this town. I’ll go as far as say you seen me on Hickman Road. Am I wrong? I keep waiting to meet IHG too. So maybe someday with Gods help we will get to say hello to each other. Fellow rider to fellow rider.

So let me ask you a question. Would you like me to add you to my blog roll on my blog? Oh and it’s nice to know that you “follow” my blog. I don’t add myself to peoples “follow” list because I feel if they are in my blog roll then people know I follow their blog.

Your move.


Annette B. said...

I do think a physical death was God's intent...I would imagine leaves on trees changed colors and fell off since trees were created...I also imagine that God had a purpose for people in the beginning of time living a lot longer than people do now. Because they needed a lot of time to be fruitful and multiply since there weren't a lot of people around at that time. But maybe God meant more to this than physically multiplying. Perhaps spreading his truth is another way of being fruitful?

Anonymous said...
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