Rick and Monique

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Life To Live


Hindsight is like foresight without a future.
Even what I have done has not always
Predicted what will be.
Some will never be in hindsight…
In hindsight, foresight requires wisdom
Which is not always hindsight

But I live each day building on what was
Sometimes knowing what will be because,
Of what was,

but not always.

Time gives reasonable direction
And bears a single view.

Yet humans live without direction
As Christians live without fate.

In hindsight I know I have loved
I have clenched my heart in fury
of determination to require love.
Many paths of foresight have lifetimes
I will not live except one…

In destitution
In opulence
In strife

And in striving.
In aptitude
And in foolishness.

In requisite step
Fate climbs aboard my soul
attempting to explain what I don’t believe,
And I won’t.

I stand, jaws clenched,
Fists tight,
Feet firmly planted from shoulder to shoulder
I stand…I STAND

I stand because my heart knows
That He knows her by His plan
And for me, I knew that
From the very first day my hands opened
And my heart opened with them.

That love has only but one lifetime
And mine is not yet over.
If I never see change again
I do have a lifetime;

…mine is not yet over.

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