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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

First Random Question of the Year

I watched a PBS show recently--nuthin new. I watch PBS, therefore I am.

However, the show noted that Athiests are more likely to be environmentalists. It's a statistic...I don't necessarily understand it. I'm a Christian and I care about my environment but I would not place "ist" behind my name. An environmentalist seems to want any piece of nature to supplant the rights of man...as if man is not a natural creation himself. Besides should an Athiest worry about natural issues like extinction? The show noted that Athiests are also most likely to subscribe to Darwinianism, including Evolution and Survival of the Fittest. Again, I as a Christian note evolutionary aspects about time, history and nature.

But the show did not ask one very important question. Why does an Athiest bother with Evolutionism if they tend toward environmentalism? That's my first random question of the year...maybe it's the last, but I don't think so.

The answer to my question? Why do Athiests Bother? I don't know. The weak may seem strong...Dinosours seemed like the kings of the world...they're now extinct. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Dinosours are weak. An athiest has to allow the natural process to progress, including the idea of extinction...the loss of the weak. An environmentalist would go nuts today if somehow Dinosours lost the Evolutionary game in 2008. But how can an Evolutionary Athiest also be an environmentalist?

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