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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Great Expectations

We're full of great expectations aren't we? Not much time for two-hour baths, not much time to take time away. There's even less time to let the world know what we're about. I'm not sure who hears what I know or sees what I do. I'm not sure who reads my blog or who listens to me sing or preach. I don't know. That doesn't mean their not worth doing.

My wife left my car this morning, on her way to work. She was some minutes late. Her lips touched mine only briefly, I'd swear it was the wind that tickled my lips. The wind didn't tickle my lips, her breath graced my own. I rubbed her shoulders and ran my fingers through her hair this morning, that's why she was late.

We're full of great expectations aren't we? This is the land of opportunity. I would hope that topping the list of achievements are when you made your spouse late one morning. That your bride or groom left your home knowing they were the most loved of all the loved that morning. I hope. I hope when you wake that you cherish your spouses breath.

We're upheld by accomplishment and intelligence aren't we? We're impressed by Einstein or the Bi, tri, and quadruple lingual. I'm proud of my wife's accomplishments. Sometimes she works from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. That will be what happens tonight. I'll pick her up from work and we'll soon be at church preparing for Praise Team. I'm also an achiever...I tell her every single morning that she looks great. I never fail. Never. If someone tells her she looks good at work, she'll know her husband told her first. Great expectations.

I'm going to share a poem I wrote yesterday. I hope it's universal and I hope that you can figure out how to share it with your spouse. I hope. Because great expectations include skipping the stubborn, the benign, the aloof, the indifferent to achieve greatness. I hope that you took your hands and placed them on his or her cheeks this morning, looked into your lover's eyes and said "I love you." Do that tomorrow. No kisses, no pats on the butt until you've said "I love you." Repeat that. "I love you." It will be the most fantastic kiss you'll remember.

Then it will happen again the next day. Your sweetheart's very breath is like the pearls of heaven. Know this.

It occurs to me that I haven't told my mother I loved her lately. I haven't told my brother or sisters that I love them in days. My nieces and nephews...do they know? I love you...I love you.

I'm not sure who reads my blog and I'm not sure how you love. But that doesn't mean it's not worth doing.


To love you,
A feather in wind
I might be lifted to the heavens
except that I am weighed
by the oil of love that burns forever
holding me fast to the ground
so that I might be the light beside you
as you are ever the flower blooming within me
like the ne'er wilted Joy of God
despite the fables of earth
a flower replenished by water

To Love you.

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