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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

God Matters

One doesn't always mix weather with politics but I'm about to give't-a-whirl. We've had quite few lightening storms in Des Moines of late and they've been fierce and awesome. The strike and rumble pass through me like a...like a...thunder bolt of lightening!...umm...wait...it's a thunderstorm of course it's like a thunder bolt...so...it passed through me like a fleet of NEXTEL CUP race cars entered my heart, passed through the atrium, out the ventricle and then blown out the ribs. That's just cool. But I'm reminded that God matters. I saw a 10,000 square foot house this afternoon before the storm hit. We oo'd and aah'd at man's marvels and then BAM, SMACK, CRASH...God shows up. God matters.

It seems to me that the political environment has changed...campaigns have changed their pitch. We've changed. All the way back to George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Dan Quayle, Clinton in the earlier years and Bush Jr. in his first term, have espoused their religion and the nature of what they believe. However, sometimes the line between Christian and politician widens significantly from day to day. We have to juxtapose what they say they believe with what they do. It's curious that When we see slick advertising in the media, or listen to a husband convince his wife that work will come later, football comes now, our wives utter the same words--"Sound like a Politician, you do."

Thus, we as a people have changed. We've heard politico's cry the Christian Wolf far too often, and Christians and Non-Christians alike are moving on. Clinton's Southern Baptist religion must not include adultery or the part about killing/murder in their 10 commandments and countless Senators go to churches where "Thou Shalt Not Steal" has been stricken from the tenants of Christianity. Therefore we the people do not want to hear about the religious politician anymore. In fact, the politician has facilitated an environment where we're quite used to sin and we're established in tolerance. We have figured out how to love the sinner hate the sin...accept that hating the sin can now be a crime in some instances. Democrats seem to be religious but when it matters are afraid of religion even if they're religious. Republicans in the latest Presidential campaign stare at the faces of Christians, a Mormon, a non-believer, a Philandering half-catholic-half whatever who just happened to save New York on 9-11 and a couple others who might be Christian but we don't know because they're not talking about it, running for the highest office in the U.S. Business is Business and religion is religion right?

Dan Quayle made prayer sound weird and President Bush make's Christianity sound a little to Hick for some people. Even President Bush made a big deal about God his first term as President and hardly mutters a word of it in his second term. Global Warming on Earth (And on Mars consequently...oil people have a lot of influence I guess), Global Health Care, Government Services, Women's Rights and taxes are the hot button issues, the new religion. We prove we "care" not be preaching the name of Jesus Christ, but by allowing Homosexuals to become married. Furthermore, Many Christians know why Abortion is wrong but many Christians have asked "what's so wrong with it?" Many Christian Republicans believe that Global Healthcare is a bad idea but don't know how to relate it to what they believe...therefore we take a step back and consult our thoughts about an issue based on rational and Party platforms...

Now, we're not running away from Church and we're still singing hymns and talking about God. But, Isn't it something that we're losing touch with our bibles? A good friend of mine actually is afraid of knowing too much scripture because he doesn't want to be like his parents were...legalistic and controlling. Several Elders I served with didn't know their bibles and I was part of a study of religion (not a bible study) that discussed issues facing Christians today, but rarely brought scripture into the program. I left that group. It is why Mormons, Half-Catholics, Athiests, Humanists and closet Christians can run for President at the same time and we barely bat an eye. We're all learning to have Gay Pride and we're all learning that a President's "personal" business should not affect how he runs the Country. Christians beware...certain books of your bible may be stricken because they espouse hate crimes. That's maybe far off, but think about it...God matters in politics.

I sound down in the mouth and I felt a little bit of it earlier today when I watched an interview. But then I heard the thunder roll...and it became well with my soul...God is.

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MikeHoss said...

There are faint underpinnings of hope, Bro Rick. Not from the policos, but from the masses.

Case in point: Here is a post from a blog that has no love for the Church or religion in general, yet someone sends them a comment that hits them with the truth yet shows them Christ's enormous love. My wife and I were awed by this response:


Thanks for the thoughts. Keep them coming.