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Saturday, August 18, 2007


I wanted to get into part of a subject that came up as I did my preparations for writing a sermon. I shared some of these thoughts with my church and now I will share them with you. I focused on Acts 2:38-47 and leaned hard on the aspect of how their activity spurred the increase of the church. I'm not eluding to constant proselytizing either. There was that of course, but there was simply the consistent, daily gathering to which God added daily those who were being saved.

How many of us have witnessed a conversion or have actively sought the conversion of the lost? Was God’s act on Pentecost in the early church a random act of Glory? Did he only actively add to their number as a one time deal? You know what I love? I love that they were actively seeking eachother as God was actively adding to them.

Christians must practice and you have to get up in the mornings and say “Boy am I excited” because here we are on a blip of a planet that just happens to be the blip that God sought to display the entirety of his Glory…where everything in the galaxy, the shape, the placement, the distance from each planet and the moon, the size of our planet itself insures that life can be sustained on this earth indefinitely!!! The fact that life has only been found here is a mathematical nightmare. Chances are trillions to one that life can be sustained anywhere in the universe and conversely a mathematical nightmare that we would be the only place where life exists! Add that to the fact that If you sold each cell in your body, each organ, each bone, you would be worth trillions of dollars...each! My immediate family alone is worth 6 trillion dollars. Add spouses and children and we are now worth more than 13 trillion dollars! (A scientist bore that out at a chapel one day long ago)…

I have said this before but I spent every minute of my schooling in Christian School and Monique has spent her entire schooling outside of Christian School and because of her experience in a deeply different world than the one I grew up in, challenged by non-christians and opposing views every day, then re-taught at home, then strongly and courageously back into life once more. I can promise you she is more mission oriented in one day than I have been in a lifetime. Through all she has seen and done, surrounds her life without timidity…and I have learned much from this lowly public school girl. I thank God every day for my education. I did learn that the laws of Physics reveals God himself and I learned this because I was part of Christian education. But, if Monique is the way she is from her educational perspective, then what reasons does the Christian Reformed Church, a denomination that fills itself with the idea to surround all of our lives with everything Christian from Home, to Church to School, have for not exploding at the seams!!!??? Our churches should be gathering and learning and revealing and reveling and meeting because our basic tenet says that God is in all things, that nothing false outside His realm and that all things relate to God in every way. The CRC should be the most excited Christian group anywhere!

It's time for us to stand and show eachother what that is all about...Acts 2:38-47. Read on...run the race...gather as you run.

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Gina Hostetler said...

I always hated that chapel, where we had to say "Boy, am I excited!" three times...it drove me crazy. But your blog post is great...the memory just makes me laugh!