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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Because I love my Wife

This is the second poem I wrote. Last year was one of those years and sometimes I did well and sometimes I did...not do well. But let me be said that in this house my wife should feel safe. She should be allowed to read in the bathroom and work in her craft room. She should feel as if she can say things in her home. She should be able to know that sometimes she doesn't have to cuddle with me because she doesn't feel well, and that I won't critcize her for it. She should feel my hand as we pray. She should see me tending her lawn and washing her windows. She should be able to tell me she loves me in front of a thousand people. She should feel me behind her as we wave guests goodbye, to know that I'm not the one who's leaving. And when she is down to her last breath, she should feel me breath for her...Yes...she should. Therefore, this is me to my bride:


I will walk through the waves
Where the sea is made of glass and gladness
Where the water is cool
And the sun is warm.

I will wear her coral colored satin skin
I will lay her back and glide her
across the waters
I will hold love by the waist
and Angels by their wings

I will
So that she can close her eyes
And dream again.
I will.

I will laugh to her soul
And write peace and faithfulness to it.
I will pause in her weary breath
and as my heart ever beats, breathe with her.

I will look upon the jeweled sea
Where angels blink their eyes
Where they give and smile.
I will bear each smile to her lips

And they will pause to behold her.

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