Rick and Monique

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Real Dreams and Whispers

Reality's great.  You wake up every morning and it's either snowing, raining, windy, sunny, cool, warm or hot.  We've all got things to do, great works to perform, games to play, little things to surprise people with, endure b.s., enjoy life.  I woke up this morning the same way I usually do, with a smattering of cynicism, half-opened eyes and a penchant for coffee. Monique wakes up with Benadryl-head nearly every day, whether we're working out at 5 a.m. or sleeping in till 7:30.  I've got leaves to rake and an apartment to fill.

We're held stable by our reality and propelled by our dreams--like the day tiny warrior Sienna beat the Giant Ohio State during March Madness College Basketball.  Dreams give way to reality.  Dreams lived wisely give birth to reality.  

Practice makes perfect, don't put all your fruit in one basket, you can't make money until you spend money--  I learned those things at college--high school even.  They're not crap lessons, but how to correctly do all those things takes time.  I'm putting my ducks in a row.  I want them all to quack to their hearts content. I'm learning wisdom.  Sometimes we want to give reality a break. Sometimes reality is too stressful, too heavy, too worrisome. Sometimes reality is too complicated and too big.  On those days, remember the dreams.

We woke up one morning and my bride readied herself for work.  She showered and she dressed and she turned to me and asked me how she looked.  She looked great as usual.  She turned and I wrapped my arms around her waist and began to whisper into her ear:

You're beautiful. You look great. You're great. You'll do great today. No one can say you're not beautiful. Your skin is softer than anyone and your hair is silky smooth. You're talented, organized and amazing. You're a great thinker and you make lemonade from lemons. I need you because you're my better half. You stand up straight because you're a leader. You're voice gives angels pause and your heart was molded after God's. You're precious, generous and thoughtful. Sometimes you might not say the right thing, but you always mean the right thing. People will stand up and take notice. You're detail oriented and you see the big picture. You create order from chaos and you're excellent at what you do. You're good to your friends, you're helpful, a good advisor and you love this life. Your husband adores and loves you and believes in you. Joan of Arc, Elizabeth the II, Rosa Parks, Margaret Thatcher, Corrie Ten Boom and Chanel and many great women--you are molded like them. You are David and your Goliath is no match for you. I read Proverbs 31 and I found my wife there.
I held her for minutes and I whispered.  She bowed gracefully, softened and listened, almost as if I wasn't there.  At the right moment she awoke and asked me, "I feel your words, but why do you whisper them?"  I replied, "Because some days we understand the dreams better than the reality.  Sometimes we remember the dreams better than we remember yesterday."


B.B. said...

That was beautiful!

mom H said...

I love what you wrote here, It is really beautiful. You have a way with words that is a gift from God. Thanks for being such a dear and loving husband for our daughter.