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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama and the Grand Inauguration

An inauguration for the ages. The most security, the highest entertainment value (and celebrities for what they're worth), the greatest amount of pomp and circumstance. Gleaming, hopeful millions tread the mall that they might one say say that they were there on the day a black man became President. I'm engaged. I get it. History made.  I get it.  

I'm handicapped which puts me in a minority. Historically people like me were disregarded, thrown away, committed into mental institutions, persecuted, experimented on, rejected, forgotten or killed. Even today--save the trees, save the whales, kill the children.  Man of every color, even the black man have historically given the "retard" and "crippled" little time and even less respect. Some spiritualists, dualists, Polytheists, magicians, sorcerers, and tribes around the world historically and currently believe that a baby born handicapped is curse, or may mean that the "gods" are unhappy.  

Today, I find a lot to like.  Organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation abound. People are generally better.  Sarah Palin found many citizens who don't and won't discriminate against her Downs Syndrome child. The handicapped tell inspiring stories.  I don't know everyone.  But I know plenty like me with Spina Bifida and plenty with handicaps of other kinds who don't whine, who are generally determined and whom provide greatness, love, joy and wisdom in their prospective circles.  Yet people say, "That's a great story," and yet those same people stare at me/us at the mall, on the street and wherever else. We don't dream of high position. Maybe now we can?  

So, yesterday was an historic day says my sister and she's right.  I am happy that Americans broke one ceiling yesterday and I'm elated for those who are now allowed to dream.  I truly am happy for all of us for that one reason.  America sufferes greatly under racism's tentacles. But one happy blogger ogled wistfully that yesterday's euphoric event brought transparency back to the White House and Oval Office.   I heard the same word on the news--Transparent.  
Transparent.  Obama transparent?


Besides that President Obama's life, his political, business and religious relationships, his religion itself and his political career itself have been cloaked in shadow, I guess he's transparent enough. Despite the fact that he hasn't really had to answer the tough questions but blew them off instead, I guess he's open enough. Besides the fact that even cabinet members are somewhat suspect--one, for instance, being suspected of tax-evasion issues, another intertwined in the Blago scandal, another who rewards donors to her Husband's library, an Intelligence chief who's actually spent very little time on intelligence, and one former nominee who resigned his nomination because he's under federal investigation for "Pay-to-Play" schemes in New Mexico, Obama seems honest enough.  There are other cabinet issues as well.  Despite that there have been questions about Obama's trips to Kenya, about his attitude toward his brother there, about whether or not that constitutes "Foreign Relations" experience.  Transparent? An open book?  Despite his "Change" mantra he looks an awful lot like the previous administration--spender (Bush), emphasis on social programs (Bush), a "more of the same" Washington Cabinet (Bush), and a Vice President Biden who has proven ruthless, especially in light of Clarence Thomas and others--the very things they've accused Vice President Cheney of, ruthlessness I mean--true or not. Obama seems to stand on his own two feet...I guess. I don't really know...if you really look, no one truly knows who he is. He seems to have said a lot about not much. And some things toward which he has been clear, I'm not sure I'm happy about. Lastly, despite his vast executive and leadership experience (not really, I'm kidding), I guess I don't know exactly what we got ourselves into...not really. Even the best eyes can't see through fog.

But I'm loyal. I honor my leaders, as always. But I promise to be critical of them.  I'll be a faithful citizen as always. I won't treat Obama as unmercifully as so many treated President Bush. I posit that President Clinton's actions certainly did degrade and de-value the Oval Office as evidenced by how readily Americans and others heaped slander upon its trusses over the past eight years. People viciously and energetically degraded, derailed, ridiculed and mistreated a sitting President, President Bush--We then mustered enough energy to elect someone surrounded by shadow and clouds. What honor does that leave for the American people? Even the speeches before yesterday's inauguration were unkind toward the last administration, and the millions in the mall screamed joyfully at every disparaging word. I won't be that, but I will be critical. I know where my loyalty lies. I'm American to the bone. I love my freedom like I love fresh, cool air. We'll wait and see if Obama feels the same.

Did we elect Obama simply to break a ceiling? I doubt it. He's got a great smile.  He certainly carries confidence and swagger into the White House. Fact--the ceiling broke and that inspires me. He's black, I'm handicapped.  We don't have to think twice about that do we?  Will we stop clamoring about color? Maybe not. I'm still thankful. 

And I'm still suspect of the means to his end.


Gina said...

I agree, brother. It was an amazing thing to behold, but for me that's where it ends. Now I'm waiting to see if actions and strength support that swagger, because that's what matters...be you black or white, disabled or abled, ugly or good-lookin'...that can only get you so far. My hope is that's not the only thing that was elected.

LLP said...

I'm with you on this as well. Time will tell all.

I also agree with something Gina (hi Gina! :D) just said... that she hopes all those things in Obama -like him being black, abled, and good-looking- weren't the only things that were elected. Sometimes I truly wonder.

I wonder if people were more focused on making history than making this country a history of it's own, worthy to be remembered by. I wonder if perhaps all the pressure from the media to look and be a certain way had a hand in electing Obama all because of his smile and confident swagger.

But, as you said it.. I'm loyal. Though, don't expect me to keep quiet should there be a need to speak up.

My prayers are with our President. God, give him wisdom in leading YOUR country.

Thanks for the post. It's nice to meet you. :)

God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

Greetings RickNiekLikeBikes,

I am finally finding the late hours of tonight to learn more about you. YAY! So far I have learned that you are a fabulous writer and speak well, but most importantly love your affirmation towards Christ. Now about this post...

I agree with you LLP, hoping that Americans did not make a rash decision to vote for Obama based on making history, assuming it will open a freedom door for them to live victoriously, when they could have lived victoriously all along, through Christ.

Yet some do not realize that; they are lost and look to a leader that they can worship in person, someone to see/visualize. Yet, once they learn this person is human just as Bush and previous presidents are, they will learn in time that Obama too will disappoint, break promises, and not have answers.

I find I place my trust in Christ above all when it came to the outcome of this election. After all, He is the ruler and holds the Kings (leaders) in his hands. We don't put our faith in our government but in God, who created you, me, and Obama. One day every knee shall bow and tongue confess that He is the Lord.

As everyone says; time will tell. Four years from now we will know how well of a president he was for our country. Until then.......pray.

Greg Wede said...

We get who we deserve! Nice reading your posts Rick!