Rick and Monique

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Life in the present

My turn to write a blog!  Rick has been after me for quite some time to contribute.  So... after 95 entries (give or take) here is my first contribution (I dare not expect he'll let it be my last!)

I could write about resolutions... it's that time of year.
I could write about what happened over the holidays -- visits with friends and family, presents and the real meaning of Christmas.
I could write about what trips we have taken during the past year (or more)
I could write about work, motorcycles and other bikes, being tired of snow and ready for spring, or how much fun I have on Facebook.

Instead, I shall write about a brief lifetime of lessons learned.

Lessons Learned:
  • A car accident can change so much...  a career, functionality, pain levels, contact with doctors, new knowledge, sleep
  • You can't plan your life, you must just live it or you will always wish to be somewhere or some time else
  • God is not safe, but I am safe in His hand... He will do His will and it may be painful, wonderful or sad, but no matter what, the evil one can never snatch me away from my Father.
  • Friends are dear and should be told such things...  what years may have been wasted or lost as I have learned how to be a friend, to be sweet and loving, to strive to show my true feelings to my dear friends.
  • I have an amazing husband... a man of strength, of deep character, loyalty, love and adoration for his God, his wife and his family & friends.
  • Life is about the little things... the stories of friends, sharing a moment or a memory, a hug, a back rub, the sympathy from your dog, an unexpected word, card or gift, a backyard firepit, the amazing simplicity of nature in all of its complexity
And yet, with all the lessons learned from the past and my hopes for the future, I am watching a movie with my dearest love tonight.  He gently strokes my hair and I need nothing more.  Life is to be lived in the present.


Annette B. said...

Good job on the blogging, M :). Those have not been the easiest of lessons to learn, but I'm glad you're enjoying the place you are in. The place God has led!

Webster World said...

I think you have done a great job first time out. You have a great husband the Lord has blessed you with and it sounds as he too has blessed you with the true meaning.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Well done! Good life lessons.

Joh said...

I knew you could write! Your thoughts are always deep as well as concise; yet there is no question about your paradigm. Flowery speech is great for emotion, but direct words also grab the heart; particularly heartfelt words...

Mom H said...

Your written word is as beautiful as your spoken words. I have seen you grow strong the last couple of years, and I have seen a mature and sensitive woman emerge. A daughter that I (we) love to talk to and go places with. Stay steadfast in your faith and trust in the Lord. Keep writing. You also have a lot of wisdom to impart, even to me.

Jayne said...

BRAVO Moniques...well said!!!!

mirjam said...

Hey dear family, did the package from sinterklaas arive? I'm just curious... Big hug


RickNiekLikeBikes said...

I need nothing more either Niekje.