Rick and Monique

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Crazy Who? What? Huh?

So...Monique says to me a couple of days ago, "Honey I need some Groceries" and gives me a list. I go get the groceries. The skies are blue, the wind is barely blowing, I'm having a good day. I go to the grocery store, a feat of some regard. I get groceries and treat myself to an Egg Nog as an award. It is the Holiday Season afterall and I start by giving a gift to myself. I walk around, try a couple samples. I'm sweating actually, not that you needed to know, but I didn't think I'd be there long enough to take off a jacket, but it's a big store and I always underestimate my soddy skills in a grocery stores. But I'm still in a good mood and I'm having a great time. I pay for the groceries. The checkout clerk is a nice lady. I tell a joke. She laughs. I laugh that she laughs because I screw up the joke. I put the groceries in the vehicle and go home, thanking God the whole way for a nice day. My wife, my dear lovely wife comes outside and says...,"So did anyone at the grocery store think you're crazy too?" What? Hmmm...??

Can You Figure Out What She's Talking About???? Hmmm....did she just call me crazy? Might've been the rosy I pulled in the driveway.


Julie said...

I can't figure it out. I either am really slow (if it is obvious or it is very tricky. My guesses that I do have just don't make sense to me...like did you leave or helmet on, but how would Monique know that since she wasn't at the store.

fasthair said...

Rick: You look normal to me. But then again people call me crazy too so I may not be the best judge of crazy.

RickNiekLikeBikes said...

Evidently Monique thought it was weird to ride in the snow.

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

That looks like fun! Can I come over and ride your scooter in the snow? :)

You and Monique will have to come over for some holiday cheer before Christmas!!! I dare you to ride the scooter or even the Triumph. LOL :)~

Annette B. said...

I'd tend to agree with Monique...but it still looks like fun :). I wish we had snow!

Joh said...

You've got to be Dutch!
or, you 've got to be a kid at heart.
Either way, two wheeling in the snow is not hard, just cold(er)
Although if the road has a high crown it is difficult to stay in the middle... (on ice in the ditches works too.)