Rick and Monique

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What side of eternity? We're back home

We rose out of Southern Colorado onto and over Wolf Pass.  The clouds hung over as if giving picture to the weight of thought.  Wolf pass--invisible to us as if another dimension lies on the other side.  Monique and I found truth in the imagery because the moment we passed through the Wolf's misty blanket, our road once again became about destination.  One almost heard the sucking noises as the life we knew for 2 weeks fell into history.  We lived a life where time was merely a flicker that lit the path to what would be an adventure.  Time's only signature revealed itself tellingly but simply in me in that each adventure changed me.  No one requests the fullness of time and experience without being profoundly changed in it. I'm merely living on one side of eternal life nestled in the hand whose grasp shall never waiver.

We rose again over the continental divide, the road clear once again except for the unbending choices in time...the same river flows to the Pacific and to the Atlantic...two directions and I choose neither.  A host of the wild tread those paths and a host of men will find it and time will do to them the same as I.  But we passed the east and west, heading to our own nest.  The wild takes no stock in my appearance with them or the lack of it.  My heart nests in the breath of my bride and we're connected to the place all men must be, with each other...more importantly with those we love...with our family.  Like in the hand of the Father, there's safety amongst those we love and who love us.  

The wild only performs as their Creator has asked of them and we were thoroughly with them there.  While we found ourselves profoundly aware of God and profoundly changed in Yellowstone, we're also profoundly responsible to take these changes to those who can see them, know them and use them.  It was exciting and peaceful to be with Mom and Dad in an inspiring week we will always know together.  We had a blast with Gerrits and Susie Kasper on a fantastic whirlwind two days.  I caught a Dodger game and a post-game beer with my brother Rob, and I spent time with Jess and my loving niece and nephew.  We enjoyed the company of Mom and Dad, Gina, Mike, Annette and Mitch and their beautiful children.  It's great to be my own kid again when the kids want to play zerbert, or football, or hide-n-seek, or ride a bicycle with me...but I love the time for much greater reasons than that.  We had fun and enjoyed conversation and connected as we should.  We were thrilled to see Anne Michelle and to be with her again and we were excited to see Dutchie and we're excited to be with all our friends at home.  We love being home again...simply because Man was never intended not to find rest, not to know a home, not to be found with loved ones...even in the places of the world where that seems impossible.  

It's sometimes frustrating to wake up one day to the next different than I was the day before.  Even a new cut on my finger signifies that I did something different yesterday from today--until I take stock of where I am on this side of eternal life...my role as a social, responsible, intelligent, loving, just human being.  The wiles of the wild nest somewhere between time and eternity and they die, but not in the psyche of those who were with them in their dimension.  Memory escapes time sometimes and I'm glad because I hope that's what it's always like living on any side of eternal life.

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