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Monday, September 8, 2008

Project Vacation Alleluia

We're in Pagosa Springs Colorado and staying at a Wyndam Resort which is part of Mom and Dad Huizinga's world-wide Time Share capabilities.  I look out over a small lake into the San Juan mountains in the cool soft morning air.  We've been blessed with a sensory feast over the last week.

Our drive to Pagosa Springs included a trip through the Grand Tetons and a roll and stroll through Flaming Gorge.  Magical.  I've a much greater understanding of how it might be possible to be safe in the hand of Almighty God.

Saturday we arrived in Southern Colorado at nearly the same time as Monique's Uncle and Aunt, Gerrits and Susie Kasper.  As if time with them isn't easy and delightful enough, they brought with them a hundred proof bottle of a whiskey blend called Yukon Jack.  There's no tellin what Yukon Jack did as a young boy, but you can bet he was a trouble maker!  

In actuality, the night and the next day were delightful and so six of us and Yukon Jack spent a late evening together and by morning...Yukon Jack had left the building!  None of us were drunk or anything like that and Monique and Dad Huizinga sipped on wine and nibbled cheese throughout the evening, but Ol' Yukon grew up to be a fine companion.

We'd hiked and walked and driven so much since the Lifelight Music Festival in Sioux Falls last weekend already, that we've welcomed the chance to sit down on soft couches in this magnificent and large place here in another part of creation that God smiled upon long ago.

It's Monday morning and I have no idea what's in store for today.  We might go see Chimney Rock a few miles outside of town.  Chimney Rock sets high above the landscape, and somehow has been carved and shaved until the sculpture resembled a giant chimney.  Light a match to it and nothing happens...but it sure looks like a place one could have a cozy fire!  Well, bigfoot or Paul Bunyan could anyway.

I never wrote about Lifelight Music Festival...the thing that began our quest for pieces of Heaven.  The weather was almost perfect while we were there...the wind was a bit high, but the temperature and good fortune held up.  My family camped together in the the New Testament campground and it is a place to find a little refuge when you're sick of walking around or while you wait for the band that suits your fancy.  
The music was awesome, the company of family and friends was delightful.  

So began project "Vacation Alleluia."

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