Rick and Monique

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The...Thingy. That. Doodad.

I like to think that I understand a lot about words. I grew up with a father who could jump into a supper-table conversation with some off-the-wall word causing great confusion amongst the ranks to his grand pleasure. We'd tempt him and goad him to tell us the meaning of the word and all he would say was "look it up!". My Dad-in-law also somewhat emphatically loves words and how and when they're used. He goes as far as to claim the title "Philologist"...one who loves words, especially in their historical, essential context. I myself have rarely been truant in my word usage. My love for words shows I've benefited from "Dad and Dad Vocabulary, Inc."

So why is it that women, including my wife seem to always be a step ahead of me? They're so good with words, they hardly have to use any, which is a bit of an oxy-moron because my wife, her mother, my mother...women love to talk. I'm in a room with Monique and her mom for instance. Monique whimsically says "I need that thingy..." I turn left and right. I look to the ceiling, I crawl on the floor looking for any kind of thingy. Mom somehow innately and gladly clutches a sweatshirt or a spatula, or a measuring cup...the very thingy Monique meant not to say, but to say...somehow.

The words ring in my head. "I want that!" "Who's got the watchamacallit?"

Me? Do I have the whatchamacallit?

Believe me a woman knows that I just might have the whatchamacallit, but she's not going to tell me whether I do or not. I'm left alone, hoping to get lucky. In fact the moment I believe I've found the whatchamacallit, she's changed it to a doodad and I'm back at square one.

It happened last weekend between my two sisters. I was there to see the miracle unfold yet again. I can't even remember the context, but Gina said, "I need the...."


I'm waiting for...no, I anticipate the great finish, she wants the...Ok, I'm ready...

Annette brings her the "the".

I have to shake my brain stem around a bit I think. Maybe some electrical pulse has shorted out.

Have a great day.


Annette B. said...

You didn't know what the THE was?? C'mon, big brother!!

lauri said...

You poor malfunctioning male...you are as bad as a...doohicky...yeah, you know what I mean...ask your wife

Mom. H. said...

We have a saying in dutch and it is " A woman needs only half a word" That is why we understand each other so well. Both Dad and I had a good laugh over this one!!!