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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Business of being

The Company called Heartland Stores, Inc. is nearly ready! I am so excited. I've still got work to do and a few details seem somewhat daunting. But we're going to get this baby off the ground. I know it. Many dreams have played into this Company and it's time!

Young Lucas gets baptized this weekend. Another person ready for whatever time allows him. I hope he's allowed to see what we've all done with our time and then follows in kind.

The last post and this one have and will contain poetry. It's my way of grasping for potential, endurance and dreams. When I am waylaid (sp) by laziness, I write and then aspire to get back to work. So it is with this poem. It tells me, amongst many things, that it's time to push Heartland into the realms of the living!


A young man rests against a shade tree
playing an imaginary tune on an imaginary piano
to a very real soul.

Like keys of ivory coddled by wood
from end to end.
Finite pressed creating infinite.

Music has no enemy,
except whom or that which
is unwilling to play.
Not even silence,
for in silence lies possibility.

Play a tune that leaves nothing wanting.
Play a tune and rejoice in its limitations!
Fix your eyes to a world
instigated and agitated
by endless possibility.

However, you and I can only choose one day,
one place,
one way.
Yet we assuage the heart for more
seemingly trying to conquer the boundary
that holds...
or ignore boundary's necessity.

One Ivory key sprung away from its border
functions not, even to make music.

One cannot be all things
because the world is an infinite keyboard
meant for the fingers of God.
Only the infinite can play the infinite.

So stop...engage the stillness.
Stop and listen to the young boy resting against a tree
playing a tune meant for him and nothing more.
Like a leaf carried by God's breath
from forest to field,

Listen to it and the wind that carries it.
For if the young man did not play,
their voices would cry out.
Listen to him play his tune
and be glad for him.

And then play yours.

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