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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Go Make Disciples

I just spent 2 days with my brother Rob working on Heartland Stores...our fundraising company. There's a lot I don't know yet and that's intimidating but exciting. One never stops learning in life and I truly believe that. One never stops fighting, one never stops reading, one never stops trying, one never stops running. Business is not separated from my Christianity. In fact I go into business with the same fervor that I go into Praise Team because through it, I can show my character in Christ, I can show my love in Christ and I can continue striving. We continue to make disciples of eachother (Matt. 28). In fact, Dad called yesterday and felt that he had been led by God to a certain supplier about the business. Why? We don't know that yet, and maybe somehow it will reveal itself. But, in calling me, Dad discipled me...telling me that each step we take is one of prayer and faith, prayer, and listening. None of this has been about money or pride or wit or knowledge. We all want to become good business people. I want to fight laziness and other less desirable traits about myself...so it's about disciplining myself in my behavior and in the fruits o the spirit...love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control.

There's no doubt that there are those in other countries and areas of this country that do not have the opportunity even to try and open a new business. I've been provided with this opportunity and hope that we can make the best of it. But, I hope even more that all of our conversations, all of our actions, all of our blogs about this and our activities surrounding Heartland Stores and eachother, that we're continually discipled as we go. Go make disciples of all nations...but be sure you're in church, at a Christian Rock festival or at a Promise Keepers convention...umm...that's not how the verse goes...hold on...let me check it....nope...it doesn't say those things...it simple says "Make Disciples..."

Ok, I will.

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