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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Censorship and Sensibility--Star Isolation

Networks have wondered why television viewership on Media Award nights have fallen in the last several years. Well, a good indicator to answer the question came at the Emmy's on Sunday night. Sally Field went on an anti-war rampage as her "I won an Emmy" speech. Kathy Griffin the night before was more excited about not thanking Jesus Christ than she was about winning the Emmy. Oh, and both of them were censored...bleeped...cut off. Why? well, for instance, Sally Field didn't only use the Bully Pulpit to rant about the President, she decided to take the Lord's name in vain...decided to use a word that was or should be offensive to all Christians.

Not a single word I heard or read the next day, aside from certain Radio Hosts, were about parents who were happy that their children didn't have to hear a bad word on television. Not a single word was heard or read that expressed disappointment that she seemed less excited about winning a major award and more excited about politics. I did hear a few things. I heard over and over again the question of whether or not it was right to censor Sally Field, Ray Romano, Kathy Fisher and a couple others on award night. Do they not have a right to freedom of speech? Waa waa waa...I heard that too. Celebs moaning about censorship. The belligerent Sally Field pretended she didn't care about censorship because she'll simply say the same thing somewhere else! Kathy Fisher claimed that her comments gave her the best week of her life (Larry King Show).

Do they not know that certain things need to be censored? For instance one cannot use words that Threaten the life of the President of the United States...you'll be censored and arrested. One cannot advocate murder at a children's convention or go to an Al Queda rally in the U.S. They will be censored.

They have to think a little. I like Sally Field. She's won two Oscars and two Emmys and a host of other accolades. I've enjoyed her craft. But, I will think twice before I see anything she does again and why? The answer is simple...and it's an answer she needs to think about. She isolated more than half of her Audience in one sentence. She bullied them, made fun of them, offended them through their God, and left them vulnerable. How can your "business" survive this way? For instance, A business cannot be in the business of making baby toys and then produce Semi-Trucks instead. They wouldn't be in business very long! Sally Field didn't think about the fact that viewership for award shows is down because we can't stand hearing politics or 1000 thank-you's on a show that's supposed to be about entertainment and good stories. Much of the media doesn't seem to get it either.

You are allowed not to believe what I believe. Most entertainers are of a very different political view than I. Most of them are socialists. Furthermore, They prefer a system that does not have checks and balances. If the Congress is allowed to do what they are really trying hard to do right now, the check and balance system will be greatly depleted. They believe that under the Government, true freedom can be achieved. Well, let's go there for a moment. If Hillary's healthcare (sick-care), food, education, charity, media and even religion are fully under the "benevolent" (yea right) umbrella of the Government, what does the Supreme Court get to look at every day? They won't look at Joe V.S. Abc Insurance...it will be Joe against the Government. They won't see the case Rick V.S. The board of education, the Supreme Court will see Rick against the Government. Hmmmmm. By the people, of the people, for the people...or by the Government, of the Government, for the People. Sally Field, Michael Moore, Tim Robbins, George Clooney, Rosie O'Donnel, Barbara Streisand and a host of others would rather Isolate 60% of their audience to achieve this end, then perform their craft with freedom and with grace. What they are saying every time they find a Microphone is that we don't trust the people, our audience...we don't trust freedom...we don't trust the people of the United States of America! Now, before I'm accused of being a conservative "YES" man, let me say that there are good and generous people in both primary parties of the U.S. and good decisions have also been made throughout time.

I'm not asking you to believe that everything is perfect about the United States. It's not. I'm not asking you to think that taxes, and food stamps are a bad thing. They're not. But, I don't want to depend on my Government for Health/Sick care (I don't want to wait 1 week to cast my broken leg (Canadian Story), I don't want to pay 70% of my income on Taxes (Many European Countries), and I don't want to force my Children to go to a Government run school (again a tax story could be told here). It's interesting to note that in most places where socialism has been allowed to flourish, Christianity has faded greatly! Why is that? I think it's partly because, under Government and Socialism, we're not allowed to decry adverse behavior because all men and their behaviors are created equal. In the U.S. we've stated that all men are created equal, but they aren't allowed to act in ways that will maim the social sensibility (which is not the same as our Socialist Sensibility), and so Religion and Religious behavior is allowed to flourish, in part because the people have typically seen religious people as acting in a way that supports moral behavior.

And so, we're back to the Emmy's. Every company in the United States of America has a rule against harassment based on race, religion, age, race, sexual preference etc. and yet there our favorite celebrities are...harassing me based sometimes on my race, sometimes on my religion and even sometimes on my sexual preference...it seems less and less ok to be heterosexual these days. Sally Field forcefully took my Lord's name in vain...whew, highly offensive to me. She was in need of censorship at that moment because she should not be allowed to Harass me. Fox agreed with me. Sally Field, George Clooney, Barack Obama and a host of others did not.

I'm getting angry at all the people who've proved they hate America. But, I'm even more offended by those who say they not only Hate God, but are willing to Isolate and Harass those who claim to and intend to Love Him.

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Annette B. said...

Amen, brother. When and why did celebrities ever start believing that it's ok to say more than "Thank you" when given an award? A simple thank you would be the most powerful two words ever!