Rick and Monique

Thursday, September 9, 2010


     Thought for the day:  So many people criticize, illegitimize or disparage another's church, life, career choices or habits to justify their own existence.  They can't seem to enjoy, glean or understand another's church, life, career choices, habits or hurts.  When a person does enjoy another, they're offered opportunity for generosity, showing respect for a friend, connecting each other's existence, and quite possibly growing from the experience and/or joyfully enhance or improve someone else's environment.  

     Furthermore, when someone ails, there is not a single support method.  Excellent and varied ways exist that unconditionally uphold and support another.  So many believe they deserve to be seen, deserve reward for their action or generosity--Better are those ways you joyfully serve them without being seen, without asserting merit for an action--I assure you believer, your reward will be in Heaven.  

     Better would be to more broadly define servanthood as the opportunity to take joy of someone in their own environment according to their own needs and to take joy in that experience.  Find and then take advantage of the opportunity to be generous.


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