Rick and Monique

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Bride

The Bride

A marvelous thing,
Love on this side of eternal life.
Love opened the universe.

Envelopes friendship
Embraces need
Strives for perfection
Forgives and heals.

The breeze breathes
Is like the breath of your
Soul that refreshes mine.

Wind unrestricted
Is my life by yours.

Expanding universe
Explosions of creation
Light from early days
Pierces me today.
God’s hand reaches.

My image is His
and my soul endures
on one side of eternal life or another.
I am tended.

Allow time’s pass
Time is our chariot
To the other side of eternal life
Celebrate and live, strong and courageous.

One side time,
The other eternity,
And both divine
With you and my heart…

My heart affixed to yours
In eternity by God’s hand
In death ne’er shall we part,
By God I am with you
On this side and the next.

My eyes are closed
so that I might see
in vivid color and clarity
all that might be
God's design in love.

I am delighted that He has sought
that we might walk together.

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