Rick and Monique

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's Good To See You Today God


It’s good to see you today God.

You’re never one day older. You never change I know that.

But you seem different to me today.

Probably because you spared us from disaster yesterday.

You’ve done that before.

It’s good to see you in the sun today God.

You awoke my bride again and I can never repay you for such a gift.

You always do that.

Your gifts are miraculous.

There was so much water yesterday.

Dryness marks the ground today and the skies have changed color.

The heavens do declare your mighty works don’t they?

It’s Summer here and it’s a different Summer than was the last.

But I counted on it being Summer today.

I felt the spine of winter last

even as I soaked in every photo you arranged for us God.

We prefer Spring, Summer and Fall,

But we’re glad you were with us in winter.

It’s good to see you today God.

It’s cooler today and less humid.

I’m glad to see you today God.

Your Word spoke to me this morning God as it so often has.

And it wasn’t long ago that you told me something completely new!

I was glad to see you that day.

I realized you always show me something new. You’re consistent that way.

We have paintings inside our home.

Geniuses work hard to find you there. Sometimes they get it right.

The emotions, the light, the beauty the effervescent color,

the peacefulness, the sorrow, the desperation.

We feel different about them every day.

I’m amazed that all range of glory that carries your name

stands consistent, uniform, steady, dependable, non-fluctuating.

I don’t understand that because I change my mind on a dime constantly.

You’ve consistently insisted and encourage

that we change so that on the ultimate day

we’ll get you in the most eternal, massive, unchanging worship.

I can’t wait to see you that day.

Because today it seems we hear

what we want to hear

and disregard the rest

to the wiles of strangers and temptations.

I wish we were prepared for those Lord because we’re battered.

Maybe I’ve weathered them. I don’t know for sure.

There’s a butcher around the next corner and we know he’s there.

We’ll go a different direction.

We’ll go where rocks are thrown over water

skipping along delighted by your natural laws.

How do we avoid the stones meant to harm?

We can’t always tell which ones skip

from the ones that are sharp and crass and uneven.

We’re glad to find the rock on which we stand.

It’s good to see you today God.

We’re overwhelmed by lies and delighted by jest,

but sometimes they’re the same.

I know the wages of sin but how do I know

whether or not the wages for my work are fair?

Where are wages within a grateful heart?

What payment drives the volunteer who wants nothing in return?

Your call goes out and we desire nothing except that

you would find us there and make your directions clear

because so much of our work happens without direction it seems.

Even so you’re faithfulness fills the ages. Yesterday you said you would be today.

I am your bride and you wake me up to see you every morning.

I lie with you and my fears find rest on your breast. Consistent and true.

I woke up a different man with my wife today.

I remember the day we wed as if she rose to the aisle yesterday.

I told her I loved her as I did then. A holy white lie maybe.

I love her more.

It’s like knowing you are, it’s simply something that is.

Steady. Unchanging. Beautiful. Awesome.

We cry out!

We change and it’s a bit unnerving.

Until I saw her again this morning,

understanding that things were different. Better.

Thanks for that.

I love seeing you today God.

And I’m going to love seeing you tomorrow.


B.B. said...

Really beautiful! Thanks for sharing that, it was very encouraging for me today!

mq01 said...

awesome. thank you, i felt it. great post.