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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Warmth and Experience

The sun's rising beautifully this morning.  The sun rises like red fingers clasping blue skies. That's kind of different!  Yet, in kind, the sky opens like a soft blue stage curtain over the earth. 

The great outdoors seems warm to me.  I can sit right here on my couch and believe the air outside feeds warm air to the masses.  I'm ready for warmth--for Spring.  It's like I can smell wisps of Spring even if fleeting.  It's like when I drive past a bakery and smell fresh bread as I pass--the moment makes you hunger for fresh bread.  I can't wait until Spring is served.

I can see the sun rise from the East, I'm staring--wondering.  My window to my back yard stretches about ten and a half feet across so I've got a pretty good view from my perspective.

But I haven't gone outside.  My idea of what life outside is like this morning, what I expect and what I think life should be like, may not be. Of course I could simply sit here and be warmed by my expectations, to ride off into my proverbial beach front...and never go anywhere.  The opposite is also true.  If I expected the outdoors was frigid, I might be gilded by my expectations.  I'd never go anywhere that way either.  

It won't be long and I'll have to find out for myself.  It might be slightly colder than what I've fooled myself into hoping and it might be a lot colder.  So I'll step out and feel cold.  I won't exactly feel comfortable right away. But I can't really judge the cold from the very first moment because I've just stepped out from a warm couch and warm house, so the cold air seems even colder than it really is.  I have to give the experience a little time--time to mature really.  And besides, I can do a few things to make the cold bearable.  I could sip my coffee, zip my coat up or put a hat on my head.  

I've had the conversation several times this week from several people building the confidence to think and do new things.  Some already are. We'll all have to move from our expectations to experience and I'll most certainly admire you for that.

God bless all of you who's week has been much different than the last. Your part in the play will sure be interesting.  But for right now we can all start from the same square behind the same stage curtain. The sunrise sure is beautiful and the air seems warm and clear doesn't it?


B.B. said...

Beautiful picture, beautiful words.

Mr. Motorcycle said...


IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Rick...you always bring a tears to my eyes! Another beautiful post!

Go to my site and check out the latest post! It will make you smile! :)

Annette B. said...

Ooo, I LOVE the image of smelling spring like smelling the bread from a bakery. The perfect way to describe it!