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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Birthday Parties and Warm Sun...Prodigious Man

So, it's Thursday.   I wrote a few days ago about things and ways passed down through generations and I hoped and still hope for more stories...but I can't wait for ya'll any longer I'm movin on! 

Last weekend Monique and I celebrated my nephew Lucas's 1st birthday in Omaha, NE.  He has his own blog did ya know that? That oughta tell you something of his smarts... click here to see what he's been up to for the last year!  Someone has said one thing about every baby that's ever existed in the world...ever.  They've said "I just can't believe how much he's grown!"  Well, you're standing right there, what's not to believe?  And yet there I was. I had just gotten off our motorcycle and I saw the little boy and said "boy has he grown!"  Duh.  Everyone knows he's grown right?  I'm usually not stuck with something to say and one could hope for something profound.  But somehow I felt the need to teach everyone around me that children do grow.  How about that?  Lesson learned.  I'm not going to repeat it now.  Testing next Wednesday.

But, aw crap, I can't help myself.  He's a big boy.  I said it one more time.  How else do you want me to say it? His blog shows what one year can do for a young man.  It's amazing.  He's one year old.  I loved being at the hospital after he was born.  I loved being there when the court officially decreed he would forever be a Beaumont.  I loved being there for big number 1 and, Lord willing, I'll be there for a lot more of this and that. But number one was a big-time party in the park on a beautiful day in Omaha.

He opened presents...well, I would say that his cousins Leah Hostetler and Bryson Perry opened his presents for him.  Come to think of it, they also pretty much commandeered the proceedings and made sure that all the toys he received were in good condition by playing with all of them as much as possible.  They even argued over Lucas's toys!  But Lucas got in a few turns with his new train set and took a few rides on his new stuffed Alligator.  Ahhh birthdays amongst youngsters is really a family affair.  Watching Lucas enjoy and destroy a birthday cupcake was also sweet.  There's nothing more beautiful than to watch what a  budding young muscle-bound boy can do with birthday cake!  Actually he eats everything--his birthday hat, his toys, his mother's shoulder, his uncle's nose.... The day was great.  We stayed at the Beaumont's house.  Monique and I left for Mike and Gina's for a couple hours simply because a certain young lady wanted a ride on a motorcycle.

We rode in on the motorcycle.  WHAT?  HELLOOOOO!  It's true.  Barely 2 months on two wheels and only one week removed from our fastest and longest ride, we had another epiphany that one could've interpreted as a brain-fart and decided it would be fun to ride to Omaha!  We were right.  Saturday was a blast.  The wind wasn't a factor.  The chill crept in early in the morning and so we stopped so I could add layers.  Monique unfairly tucked in behind me.  She's lucky I have wide shoulders.  I'm beginning to understand why cyclists wear leather this time of year.  Monique and I talked the whole way and y'know what?  I loved that.  The car provides radio/cd listening opportunities.  The car provides the passenger the chance to read.  We talk too of course.  But the Triumph doesn't offer these things and so we put our headsets on and talked.  Way cool.

I gave mom and Leah a ride.  Leah looked like a martian in that big helmet of Monique's.  We got her fitted with all the necessary clothing that righted her with the Elgersma safety regulations and off we went.  Leah talked the whole way and I mean the whole way.  We went around the block twice because I was having so much fun listening to her talk.  "Which way now uncle Rick?"  "Let's go fast uncle Rick."  "There's a lot of wind Uncle Rick!"  I took mom out on the open road and burned the gears out for her a little bit...I've wanted that experience since I was 15 years old, maybe earlier.  It'd be my luck to pop the clutch, but miracle of all miracles, I was awesome! hee hee.  

We watched "Enchanted" that night.  It's a weird movie.  Pastor Mike at Lutheran Church of Hope really liked the movie.  Umm...it was a weird movie.  Singing people, singing cartoons.  That's what I have to say about that. Oh, and the cartoons had more powers on earth than the real people who actually lived there!  It's amazing to me that a non-human cartoon with human like skin can get an average pigeon to clean an entire apartment. That's no fair.  I have to clean my own house.  Toodaloo...come here birdy birdy birdy...nope.  No luck.

Go back to planet Andalusia is what I say.

We rode home after church Sunday.  I must first say that the CRC in Omaha is a vibrant and loving church.  They enjoy God and eachother and that's good to see.  Love that.  Anyway, the ride home started out brilliant.  We stopped in Fontanelle and it wasn't long before a couple of bikers stopped at the Gas Station we were at!  They were headed back from Des Moines and headed back home to Council Bluffs...ironic right?  Well, we talked for awhile and we talked bikes..."bike speak" amongst bikers caters to the linguists of the road.  Phrases like low-side and high-side, laying rubber down, pulled the saddles, loadin the gears, etc. ring solidly in my memory.  Being new bikers we faked it as good as possible and really enjoyed the conversation.  

And what's up with Des Moines!  It's warm the whole way until we get 30 miles out of Des Moines and temperatures head downward like 20 degrees!  I was less worried about the falling stock market and more worried about falling snot rivers...cold.  We rode into Winterset and I again put on more layers and Monique bought a sweater at Pamida.  I stopped at Hardees at 3 in the afternoon to warm up.  I'm investing in leather.  None-the-less Monique and I absolutely loved riding.  I suppose we had a bit of a butt and back ache and well, it seems Monique's foot went to sleep just before Winterset, but really...you can't hardly vacuum your living room without risking a little pain and suffering and riding the motorcycle is not work believe me.  It takes quite a lot of energy to maintain concentration...the best bikers stay friggin focused man and that's alright, because safety makes for a comfortable, sweet ride.

SO, that's that.  Happy birthday Lucas, we love you!  For those of you who don't know that human's grow, He is such a growin boy.  He's funny, his personality is easy, he's smart, he's cuddly, friendly, generous and playful. He gave me a hug...more like a nuzzle on Sunday Morning and ol' Uncle Rick's heart gave in.  

It won't be long and young Leah turns 5.  Smokin Joe Dimaggio.  Aaron, Katherine, Arn and Will...the whole lot keeps changing.  I talked to Aaron on the phone last week and the man can carry a conversation!  There's going to be a lot of life to live around and with them and I'm excited.  After all, I've only celebrated my 8th anniversary of my 29th Birthday.  A lot of life and birthday cake to go, Lord Willing.  

I've got a few pictures here...I'll probably add more later because I'm sure I'm going to receive a few more good ones...we didn't bring our camera so we have to rely on the other picture people in the family!

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