Rick and Monique

Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Delicious Yesterday


So, yesterday was a delicious day. We had a full breakfast at church yesterday. We have breakfast there as often as we go. They made us omelettes and sausages and bacon and coffee and served danish, miniature cupcakes, yogurt, coffee, juice and milk.

We went to Anne-Michelle's for lunch--the first of any meal at her home--and there will be more amazing feasts or taste bud treats at her house. She made Spaghetti casserole and served breadsticks and offered us dessert.

Then we went to Mom and Dad for a little visit and they served us home-made almond banket and a delectable cup of coffee. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

We had a lovely little supper at home--a Monique special called herb bagel with pepperoni and creamed cheese. Mouth-Watering Good.

Later we visited our friends Dan and Stephanie and we finished the tasty day with a glass of Iced Tea and Dan and I enjoyed a cigar.

Yesterday I succumbed to a most delightful world of taste and I'm thankful to all those who treated us. Enjoy the wealth of tastes you experience each day (hopefully it's not acid and heartburn), count them even. I'm a romantic of course and we get to experience the world a little more slowly sometimes--I know what the roses smell like. I know well enough that God intended to feed us and fill us. But, in the same way that life is not an end, it's a journey...so is the process of filling your stomach. How boring and unromantic life would be if we could not experience each morsel as it passed over my tongue and into my stomach. AWESOME.

Hmm...what should I add to the mouth-watering story? Well, if you're going to experience the world of rest and merriment you might as well keep it fun and exciting. Monique and I live that way. We used to celebrate everything. We celebrated the Wednesday that we first went to a gas-station together--umm, I'm joking. But we did celebrate a lot of things early in our relationship. We don't make and anniversary out of these small things anymore--we make life a daily event. Even when we trudged wearily through great trial, God allowed us a simple glass of wine from time to time. He gave us pizza and beer, he gave us steak broccoli and potatoes. He gave us scotchies and desserts made of oreo's, hot fudge and ice-cream. He gave us corn on the cob, and ham and provolone sandwiches...and he gave us stomach aches from time to time to remind us when we enjoyed a little bit more than we needed.

So, you want me to complete this little story right? I can't make you read on forever, I know. Our escort on our delicious day? The scooter gathered us up and brought us to church in the morning. Our Motorcycle revved into shape and excitedly powered us to Anne-Michelle's and Mom and Dad's. Our bicycles took us away from home...but 20 miles later graciously and quietly breezed us home for dinner. The motorcycle again faithfully carried us to cigars and iced tea. We had a two-wheeled something-or-other for every occassion! Wind in the face, blue skies, fresh air...Now that's celebrating!


Julie said...

YOu forgot the delicious meal your wife cooked for us all on Firday. Thanks for treating us! We had a great time. :)

Mom H said...

We also enjoyed your surprise visit and company,discussing the word of God as we heard it in the morning, talking about the plans God has for each of us, and the plans He allows us to make, while we enjoyed the coffee and pastry. We are glad you got to enjoy a bicycle ride, and also truly enjoyed the day. That was God's purpose for creating the Lords day.
Love Mom

lauri said...

You sure look cute on the motorcycle, cousin o mine. and by the way, my mouth is watering...thanks a lot

mirjam said...

what about sending some delicious stuff over to the netherlands... eg: fruitloops, captain crunch, the one with marshmallow.... we can send some peanutbutter and drop and hagelslag back :) or real coffee..............