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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Family Reunion with Pics to Prove it!

umm....ya big weirdo...nuff said.


According to Cuzin Laur, Cousin Jayne, and Cuhsen Cole...not to mention Sista Gina and Sistuh Annette...I need photos accompanying my blogs. For instance for a blog on infant baptism I could put a picture of say a mom doing LeMaas or if I'm going to rip or praise one of our 2 really weird Presidential Candidates I could use a photo of a screw because that's exactly what happens when you start a good conversation about Politics...you can figure that one out...there are several connotations in that fateful family tree. If I'm writing poetry we could use a tiny sweet little finger Violin or if I'm rambling on and on and on and on I could use a photo of any given woman or a preacher for example...alright it's true I do preach and I get in touch with my feminine side from time to time so maybe I'd just use a self-portrait but we'll just wait it'll be a surprise--ha--joke--laugh laugh.

Or I could write about a family reunion of sorts this past weekend. Aunt (Tante) Tineke flew in from the Netherlands several days ago and so the Huizinga side of the family got together for a weekend shindig. We did have a great time together and I was awed and amazed by my two Nephews who, with their parents, sang a really cool Gaither Band song with tight harmonies and the boys are like 7 and 10 years old...maybe older, maybe younger I don't keep track of those things and I'm not very good with ages. If one can tell the exact time of day from the position of the sun maybe it's possible to tell exact age by height...then again maybe not (have you seen Rob and I standing side by side?). Either way, I don't remember the last time I heard kids that young be able to hold tune on a tight harmony. Neither of them were melody either...I was impressed. Anyway, it was a great weekend, especially our day in the park. The truth of the matter was that the boys received water toys for their birthdays and it seems that the adult "children" somehow conned the boys from their toys so that they could use them...I think the adults had more time and more fun with them than the kids!

Anne-Michelle graced the fun with her presence too, which of course was such a good thing, and once everyone was introduced, good times were had by all! And so I'll show you a few PICTURES--yes some actual smactual PHOTOS to prove it.

The trouble began in the water and quickly escalated to a land-based war

It seems we found a couple of buoys at the end of the beach eh? Think they float?

Journalists and innocent victims alike!


Annette B. said...

Lovely, lovely pics. Especially those buoys. Even better time, I'm sure. :-)

ricknieklikebike said...

Yeah... Mom H was pretty mischievous. It was a great time!

Jayne said...

Okay, I don't remember saying anyting about you needing pics on your blog...but I will have to say that it does add a certain something that you didn't have before!?!?!?! =)

ricknieklikebike said...

Well, Laur said something about it and the rest of ya'll agreed it would help! So I just put everyone into the same basket! ha

Anonymous said...

You had to do it, did n't you!
It is not to bad even on the back side of things.

MikeHoss said...

nice water war!

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