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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am intimidated by Creation

Creation scares me sometimes. Creation always stands trustworthy and right and even rocks cry out. Intimidated?  Thorns grow by God's command not because it has committed some evil. Sap falls from trees and delights the wiles of sweet teeth. Creation swallows man into the ground and from his dust springs new life...creation groans not because I stand upon her but because she perfectly loves and desires her maker.

I'm not saying that earth reigns over mankind, I'm not. I am saying that I am swallowed up by floods and tornadoes and hurricanes, by avalanches, forest fires, by lightening and thunder, by earthquakes, by monsoons, and tidal waves, by hills and valleys and the highest of mountains, by ants and snake and bee, by bear and lion, by shark and stingrays, by frog and even by plant. My instinct lies toward imperfection while theirs lies in obedience and praise.

And still I am allowed to adore Him who called me good; Him who looked into my eyes as one in His image. I feel intimidated by my environment but my voice rings out to God like a conversation in the dark. I do not fear creation as if it is my enemy--I am also created. I am simply intimidated by unfettered obedience and that makes me glad because each day I step outside my door I witness an act of praise that will one day be my privilege. I cannot wait until my heart is wholly gratified by simple praise, glad of law and accomplishment and purely grateful for salvation.

My dad used to say "Don't do anything to disparage my good name." I'm grateful for this piece of advice yet I resented such favor as a name because I did disparage it. My dad fought with the bravest of men. He and the integrity of the men who fought by his side were disparaged in youthful petulance often enough I'm sure yet when the commander spoke there were no questions in their minds and I remain free because of men who stand in mighty company with their peers. I am grateful. One could say they are slaves to the commands of their superiors and yet through it they gain freedom. Like them, I can say I am no longer a slave to chaos, but a slave to Christ and by Him I am free.

I am intimidated by Creation. But creation groans not because I walk upon her, but because she yearns for the day when the entirety of creation might be fulfilled unto His name even as the entirety of creation already bows to His command.

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