Rick and Monique

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Dusty but no longer Rusty Life

Well, I'm going to make it simple today...I think we've stayed away from the house long enough for the dust to clear from our lungs...that being said, click your heals 3 times and repeat over and over again "There's no place like home, there's no place like home...". I've done that like 63 times now but there's still wayyyy too much soot and soil there to stress over. We've been at friends and family for the last week and while that's really been a fantastic experience and we've certainly enjoyed the experience, and we are excited about the work going on at the home, I am getting tired of trying to imagine that when I get home I won't have to clean anything, that everything will work perfectly and that I can sit in the back yard sipping rum and coke with nary a worry or a care. I've got a good imagination but I can only hold that thought for so long y'know? I thought that the tear down was the most dusty process. It turns out that drywall, mud, and many other things create quite a dusty environment also! Huh. One thing to note. We were quite fortunate to have found hosts with comfortable beds! That's great isn't it? I believe this to be an important part of your remodel plan! hee hee. However, you might want to be discreet about your questions..."eh hem...umm...what kind of guest bed do you have?", might raise a few too many eyebrows.

There are no rusty hinges, no scratchy sink, no chipped cook-top, no patchy and stained carpet and no more orange walls! I hope God allows me to remember how good that felt and how excited we were when we get to Heaven some day.

But the work continues and I've got picture proof!!! In a week the dry wall's up, the walls are painted, a new door and window are in, and the cupboards are hung. Floors go in today, appliances and lights tomorrow and countertops and butcher block next week! Whoa! Anyway, find your way through my dusty life above.


Dad H said...

Goody Goody!

Julie said...

I can't believe how fast things are getting done!! It will look so cool once it is all done! We'll have to have a small group at your place. :)