Rick and Monique

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Winter Glory

You can view seasons how you wish to view them...your perspective is your choice. Spring is comin' and Winter was long and cold...but God composed some pretty great scenes this year...a bonanza of winter beauty...a feast for the eyes. I wanted to share these so that you can see some of winter's bright spots. Sometimes we find the silver lining in the throws of Winter.


Gina Hostetler said...

Gee, this feels like deja vu.

But...the photos are beautiful, and I do thank you for sharing.

However, I still stand by my convictions that I will bawl like a baby if I see snow again this season.

Anonymous said...

Like I noted, snow on the eve of Thanksgiving... the crocuses are out in Holland...yet there is beauty in the stark reality of the deep freeze.
Yet I prefer snorkeling

Anonymous said...

On the first day of spring, I must attest to the gorgeous scenes we had this past winter. One Sunday morning was unrepeatable and that image crossed my mind yesterday, a scene that saw everything touched with a inch of snow, every branch, every fence wire, and for a rare moment in South Dakota, there was no wind. The sun was just casting a hue, but not brightly. Nothing was so silent, so serene, and so sacred. Just imagine, the Creator very carefully laying every snowflake on top of each other and letting them gently display his handiwork. No, I do not love the deep cold, but the art of snow always catches my eye. Mom E.